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Peal Weekend 2017

This year, ULSCR peal weekend took place on the weekend of the 10th-12th February. Three peals were organised, one for each day, as there wasn’t strong demand for *too much* bellringing. I agreed with the chosen conductors that they would choose the methods for their peals, so they would feel comfortable! The Friday evening was …

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Peal Weekend 2013

Dedicated to the memory of Roger Bailey. This year’s UL peal weekend was held, as is customary, across the second weekend of February. Proceedings started on Friday evening at St Peter, Walworth. The plan had been to ring Superlative, but the UL aren’t very good at sticking to plans, so a peal of Cambridge Major …

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Peal Weekend 2012

This year’s Peal Weekend was held on 10th-13th February. For the third year running there has been an increase in success rate with 5 out of 7 peals being scored, four of which were rung for the ULSCR with one being SOS. The attempt of Yorkshire Maximus on Friday night came to grief early on …

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