Student ringing

We ring weekly on a Thursday during term-time at St Olaves, Hart St between 7 pm to 8.30 pm. This is usually followed by a trip to a nearby pub for a drink and chat. All abilities are welcome at practice – we ring anything from rounds and call changes on six and 8, to spliced surprise major. Before practice we either have a PPP (Pre-Practice Pint) or come together for handbells from 6.30 pm.

If you’ve never touched a bell rope that’s completely fine as we also offer handling lessons to those who are just beginning.

Alongside our Thursday practice, we also ring on a Sunday after the service in the church at Midday. On the second Sunday of each month we also ring for evensong at St Bartholomew’s Smithfield, which is an anti clockwise five and always a lot of fun.

If you wish to join in and have a go please contact

Other ringing in London

Of course, Hart St isn’t the only tower in London and there are a variety of towers to ring at. Nearby practices that some students also attend include St Augustine’s Kilburn on a Monday evening and Southwark Cathedral on a Wednesday evening. We’re always welcome to these practices and this can really help boost your confidence and technique.