Mariko Whyte 2011-12

Tewkesbury Shield 2012

The Tewkesbury Shield competition was initiated in the early summer of 1973, a date which the majority of the band was very unfamiliar with! This meant that this year was the 40th Tewkesbury Shield competition, and would be held despite the BBC over exaggerating the flood situation. The organisers allowed every team 10 vouchers that […]

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Easter Tour 2012

[AFG_gallery id=’30’] 2012’s Easter Tour saw the UL descend on the Isle of Wight for a weekend of drinking, socialising, and of course ringing (most of it good!). The tour started on Friday the 30th of March with 11 ringers turning up in Portsmouth ready to catch the 9pm ferry to the island. Some confusion

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Winter Tour 2012

[AFG_gallery id=’28’] On Saturday 14th January the UL set off for Canterbury on the Winter Tour. Those hardy souls who got up really early enjoyed a leisurely journey through the mists and frost of a chilly winter morning, whilst those who got up rather later were treated to a high speed whisk through Kent to

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Dinner Weekend 2011

[AFG_gallery id=’27’] The Dinner weekend this year started at Spitalfields with an unusually low turnout for some open ringing. However some good ringing was enjoyed including some silly Bristol. The turnout to the Gun following the ringing was much better showing that many people were doing the classic UL trick of skipping the ringing and

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SUA Weekend 2011

Photo thanks to: Ben Meyer, Becca Cullen, Jacqueline Bale [AFG_gallery id=’24’] The UL attended an eventful and thoroughly enjoyable SUA which, I have been reliably informed, may even have been as good as when we hosted it last year (I know… shocking!). For those people who decided to accept the President’s Challenge, the event started

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