Peal Weekend 2015

The ULSCR’s 2015 Peal Weekend was held on a crisp, winter’s weekend in February, and as it happened to coincide with Valentine’s weekend, as it does every year, I missed out on most of the festivities due to other romantic, smoochy plans I had (although I hear I missed out on a very good curry, indeed, as well as much great pubbage and lols). I was asked to ring in a peal of Spliced Surprise Major on the Sunday afternoon, which passed with very little in the way of drama – and just so happened to be my first peal of Treble bobbing, Kate’s first of Spliced, and Richard’s first Spliced as conductor! So, lots of first times all around and the gang were all super excited and supportive for each other! We then headed back northwards to the trusty Crosse Keys where we were greeted by a gaggle of tired and happy UL members, and proceeded to wind down the weekend in a very beery and relaxed atmosphere. Thanks for organising, Rosemary!

Chloe Grimmett