Peal Weekend 2016

Friday evening started in fine style with a peal of Bristol Major at St. James Garlickhythe. This was for David Phillips, so that he could ring his first in the method, and he rang very well, too. It was almost going to be Bristol Surprise Minor, due to unforeseen events at the eleventh hour, but luckily two non-members stepped in at very short notice and saved the day. Our thanks to them.

On Saturday morning, an attempt at St. Mary’s, Putney, of Jim Diseren’s 5024 of Eight-Spliced was lost quite near the end. However, Nix Ruberry – our secretary, and for whom the peal was organised – rang very well, so it was an achievement, nonetheless. I was listening to the first half of the attempt from Pryor’s Bank, across the river in Fulham, and the effect of the changes drifting over the water was grand (apart from when I had to dodge a few mad dogs.) A peal of Yorkshire Major at St George-in-the-East also came to grief. Slightly further afield at Dordrecht in the Netherlands, the St. Paul’s Cathedral Guild were on their peal tour and very kindly rang one for the UL Peal Weekend.

On Saturday afternoon we had a successful attempt of Stedman Triples on our home bells at St. Olave, Hart Street, this being Chloe Grimmett’s first peal inside. This was by no means the first time that the names ‘Stedman’ and ‘Grimmett’ have been found close together in the peal columns, and Chloe lived up to the family tradition admirably. In the evening we all gathered in The Crosse Keys for a hearty drink or two, with good cheer all round. The only attempt for Sunday was Yorkshire Royal at St. Clement Danes, and this was lost near halfway due to illness. Oh well; I was starting to feel quite hungry, so didn’t mind too much. Five of us rounded off the weekend with refreshment at the Penderel’s Oak, Holborn. It had been a great weekend, incorporating members old and new, plus lots of friends, and although we lost a few peals on the way, the social factor is always the main feature of any UL event. This we lived to the full, in unique UL style. Roll on next year!

Richard Pullin