Peter Jasper 2007-08

Ceilidh 2008

Selected members of the UL congregated under Josie’s orders at Cecil Sharp House in Camden, for an evening of much music, frivolity, exercise and no ringing whatsoever. On Josie’s recommendation, we paid up for an evening consisting of precise instruction and general Ceilidh dancing. A live band with an instructor, several kilts in evidence, and …

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Pancake Party 2008

This year the pancake party was kindly hosted by Lian. Lian had made up batches of pancake batter in advance. However, a combination of cookbook overestimation and UL appetites meant more was made up to use up all the eggs in the house. Poodle cuisine provided a Bolognese savoury filling to precede the menagerie of …

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Winter Tour 2008

To avoid confusion, it had been decided that the tour formerly known as the “Freshers’ Tour II” would henceforth be called the Winter Tour. Helen Saddleton volunteered to organise the inaugural Winter Tour and it was a great success, as described below. Everyone met up bright and early at St Mary, Shenfield – well, everyone …

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