Peal Weekend 2012

This year’s Peal Weekend was held on 10th-13th February. For the third year running there has been an increase in success rate with 5 out of 7 peals being scored, four of which were rung for the ULSCR with one being SOS. The attempt of Yorkshire Maximus on Friday night came to grief early on but the excellent pub session that followed did not hamper the bands ringing on Saturday morning when both peals were scored.

At Pimlico a peal of Three-Spliced Surprise Major was scored being first inside for Roxy Hughes and first spliced major for Ben Meyer and Becca Cullen. At Limehouse a peal of Lincolnshire Surprise Major was scored after a very late start due to the inadequacies of the London transport system!

A quick change to the afternoon towers saw St Simons Triples scored at Hampstead, being first on tower bells for Stephen Trafford and an attempt of 8-Spliced Surprise Major was lost at St Magnus the Martyr. In a rare show of restraint, it was decided that going to the pub too early would be a silly idea so a quarter peal of Bristol Major was rung instead, although the speed may be a sign of the bands keenness to get a drink!

On Sunday afternoon two peals of Bristol Major were scored at Spitalfields and Walworth.

Well done to everyone who took part!

By Mariko Whyte