Peal Weekend 12th–14th Feb 2010

This year’s UL peal weekend was held on the 12th-14th February. Things started well on the Friday night with a successful handbell peal of Yorkshire Major, which was Nick Harley’s first of Surprise on handbells. There was also a tower-bell peal of spliced Uxbridge, London, Superlative, Cambridge and Rutland Surprise Major at Rotherhithe. This was the first ULSCR peal of ULSCR, and was also the Master’s first spliced as conductor. Thanks go to Graham John for the composition.

Saturday morning saw the society score a peal a of 8-spliced at Jewry, which was a first for two of the band and another first of spliced as conductor. Unfortunately the attempt for Grandsire Triples on the light eight at St Martin-in-the-Fields came to grief just before halfway. It turns out that staying in the Blue Eyed Maid until 4am is not conducive to scoring peals. Sorry Hellen and Tom!

A jet-lagged tenor ringer, bobs in Glasgow and an ambitious choice of methods resulted in three losses on Saturday afternoon, but quarters of Cambridge Royal and Cambridge Minor were rung instead, and a Saint Olave’s Society peal of Bristol Major was scored at Stamford Hill. Evening drinking took place in the Blackfriar and most people went for a Chinese meal to celebrate the Master’s birthday. Thanks to Lizzy for the cake!

Sunday’s tower-bell total equalled that of the whole of last year’s peal weekend, with losses at both St Magnus the Martyr and Willesden, but the handbell brigade saved the day, continuing their unbroken record with a peal of Lincolnshire Major, a “first” for Jenny Holden.

Thank you to everyone who took part. The attempts (successful or otherwise) undoubtedly provided valuable practice for many members of the society.

By Heather Forster (with help)