Ice-Skating 2011

On the 3rd December 2011, a select number of the UL (Jenny, Mariko, Ryan, myself and my boyfriend Mark) ventured out on to the ice to go ice skating! We stayed close to home, going to the ice rink at the Tower of London. It was a busy day with Mariko, Ryan and I scoring a UL eligible student peal at Spitalfields that morning.

I was really excited about going, but once we got booted up and outside, I felt like Bambi on ice! We all clung on to the side, with Ryan being brave enough to let go first. Slowly we gained confidence; I found having Mark’s hand to hold gave me much more confidence! The main peril was that the ice was melting quite a lot and falling over would have resulted in getting very wet!!!! Nobody fell over surprisingly, although our skating time was not entirely incident free; Ryan may or may not have been the reason why another skater got quite wet… and I nearly got taken out by a stranger grabbing me round the waist as they fell over!

Peter turned up to watch from the side lines prepared with a camera and probably got some quite unflattering photos. We skated for an hour before our session ended. Once we had our feet back on non-slippery ground, our attention turned towards a really cool thermal imaging camera. All our faces and skin were bright red on the images but Peter’s hands were blue, a point he then proved by putting them on my face!

We then retired to the Bounds for a hot drinks, chocolate cake and beer. All in all, it was a great day and many thanks must go to the secretary, Jenny Willis, for organising it!

by Becca Cullen