Freshers’ Pub Crawl 2012

It was the 20th January 2012 when the UL embarked on what would be a most enjoyable, if somewhat optimistic, fresher’s pub crawl. The plan, thought out in meticulous detail by our then Secretary Jenny Willis, was to visit 15 pubs in total, starting at the Euston tap and doing a big circuit around Fitzrovia then back to the Cider tap.

It was a great way to socialise and get to know new members, and everyone was immediately engaged in conversation, it was decided that in order for the conversation not to descend into a discussion about ringing, certain words were banned in each pub, under pain of a shot or downing a drink. Imagine how hard it must have been for Ben Meyer not to mention the word “quarter” in a sentence, or for certain members not to mention hand bells! We continued on our way through Fitzrovia, a few of us decided to have a pizza at ICCO and I even managed to snaffle a few free slices from Heather, so a most successful visit!

Jenny continued to lead us on our way, through various pubs such as The Court and the Fitzroy Tavern, the timing was dictated by a nominated pace pint, when they finished their drink we would have to move on to the next pub, this became slightly out of control when people started to “penny” the pace pint, and so a rule was brought in to make that illegal, of course it didn’t stop everyone trying to get Peter instead. After this we ended up in ULU, which was very fun especially with UL members fighting to try and get a pirates hat. I believe we only managed a total of 8 pubs before the decision was then made to move on to the Roxy where the few remaining survivors of the pub crawl also had a fun time, although I don’t know the details as I didn’t quite make it that far.

Thanks for organising Jenny!

By Chris Rimmer