SUA Weekend 2011

Photo thanks to: Ben Meyer, Becca Cullen, Jacqueline Bale

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The UL attended an eventful and thoroughly enjoyable SUA which, I have been reliably informed, may even have been as good as when we hosted it last year (I know… shocking!). For those people who decided to accept the President’s Challenge, the event started early (11.30am), while those of us who are taking sensible degrees had to attend Uni. By 18.30 the main UL contingent were on the train and, since there was no music available, provided a live performance of Christmas carols and UL songs (in practice for the ringers’ Carol Service on the 28th November). With a nearly empty carriage at Cambridge it was decided that our services were no longer required and it was time to find some bells.

The first tower of the weekend was St Bene’t’s, where the UL rang, among other things, a bob course of Cambridge Minor with only three calls. As we are such a friendly lot we swiftly went to meet some of the other university societies (strangely we found them in the pub…).

After Andrew made it clear to the manager that he didn’t like the pub because one UL member wasn’t allowed in due to having no ID, he was invited to leave. The UL moved next door to celebrate the completion of the President’s Challenge with some small glasses of unknown multi-coloured liquids. Peter then decided that we should call it a night and (after Harry had cleaned up the floor on Poodle’s behalf) move to the Church Hall.

The UL had a credible result in both the eight bell and six bell striking competition. The UL scratch band came second in the 8-bell striking competition with “the best and worst ringing of the day”, having rung “ULSCR” Uxbridge, London, Superlative, Cambridge and Rutland spliced. While the eligible UL teams came a respectable fifth and eighth. In the six bell team we also had some further respectable results coming fourth and tenth with eligible teams.

Some members of the UL decided to grab St Edward’s where the locals, to some members’ disgust, were ringing whole pull everything. Ryan, tactful as ever, loudly voiced his opinion, resulting in a tower official “speaking” to him.

Following results and a *short* wait for the band to set up, the Ceilidh started, but not without a comment from the CUG (whilst they were holding a glass of orange juice): “Please be reminded and cautioned that beer DOES contain alcohol, UL!”

Fun was had by all at the Ceilidh, although during some/most of the dances Hills looked incredibly confused and lost (video to be uploaded shortly!).

Sunday was an early rise to vacate the hall by 9am and so we went to find bacon, sausage and egg baguettes prior to the ringing at GSM.

The event was finished off by a very quiet train journey home…

Our thanks go to the CUG for an unforgettable weekend!

(SUA striking competition results will be uploaded shortly)

by Ben Meyer