Ceilidh 2008

Selected members of the UL congregated under Josie’s orders at Cecil Sharp House in Camden, for an evening of much music, frivolity, exercise and no ringing whatsoever. On Josie’s recommendation, we paid up for an evening consisting of precise instruction and general Ceilidh dancing.

A live band with an instructor, several kilts in evidence, and the presence of some two hundred people made for a very energetic and successful evening. Slight problems over distinguishing between left and right, and of moving in a confined space were all generally forgotten about in the fun that was had. Dancing included baskets, which (for those unfamiliar) involves two men putting their arms around 2 ladies’ waists and turning fast on the spot. Carried off successfully this involves the ladies feet coming off the floor during the spin! Another favourite was “Stripping the Willow”, which left many a gentleman wondering who this Willow was!

The evening ended with the traditional polka and Auld Lang Syne, before most of the UL crew headed off for some well-earned liquid refreshment in a nearby establishment.

Highly recommended to everyone, particularly those not used to dancing!

By Thomas Baldwin