Pancake Party 2008

This year the pancake party was kindly hosted by Lian. Lian had made up batches of pancake batter in advance. However, a combination of cookbook overestimation and UL appetites meant more was made up to use up all the eggs in the house. Poodle cuisine provided a Bolognese savoury filling to precede the menagerie of sweet fillings provided by the attendees. The fillings included chocolate, raisins, Nutella, blueberries, sugar, lemon and, at a later point in a ‘dirty’ pancake, soil from a potted plant. I had to leave early to get a train, at which point in time the dirty pancake was being concocted and an alcohol topping up mission had already taken place. A request for more information in order to write this report led to the following comments:

“I will be uploading photos soon so I imagine you will be able to piece together the complete carnage that was the pancake party…!”

“hee heee”

“Is anyone going to a District line station>?”

About photos on facebook: “Re: Pancake Carnage. Please Please Please remove some of the more terrible ones of me please!!! lol, i’ll buy you several drinks!!”

“Still recovering lol! Hows you feeling now? I can’t Believe what happened last night!”

“It started out as a lovely civilised pancake party. Ended up a lot of drunken imbeciles…”

“Isn’t it awful when you can’t remember what happened?”

“Oddly this falling on the floor is not due to alcohol consumption…”

By Jenny Holden