65th Anniversary Quiz 2011

After many changes of date and rearrangements of venue, the 65th Birthday Quiz was finally held in the Crosse Keys on Friday 10th June. There were 7 UL teams present as well as an optimistic majority non-ringing team headed by our secretary Jenny.

In my team was Hellen, Sarah G and Tom W, a good core of UL members with what turned out to be a very useful high get-in factor as many questions focused on UL events, something Jenny’s team did not score so well on!

The rounds were many and varied and included two Children’s Television Theme Tune rounds (1945 – 1979 and 1980 – 2010) to allow those of all age groups to participate, our team did rather better at one than the other! General UL knowledge was tested with UL Tour Destinations and a London Churches picture round. We were also tested on subjects close to our heart such as UL Gossip and Beer Labels.

A memorable round was the Links round, where the answers to all the questions had some overall link. The answers were all London Towers and the link was guessed by Tom after the first two answers – they are all mentioned in the Jacqui’s Boyfriend song!

Our reputations were put to the test by a Students’ Degree Subject round, and both Lizzy and I disputed the answer to the Chemistry question.

The final rounds were musical; first we had to name the musical that songs mentioning bells in the lyrics were from. For this round our team played our “Jasper’s Joker” to get double points!

Finally, the bonus round was to write a new UL song based on the tune of “London Bridge is Falling Down”. The results of this were varied in terms of musical quality but the overall favourite was that penned by Rupert’s team (I think!), although I can’t remember how it went!

When the time came for the results to be announced our team was scandalously unrewarded as the quiz masters forgot to give us our double Jasper’s Joker points! After a quick recount we claimed the moral victory although the prize had already been given away. Jenny’s non-ringers team became the proud owners of a Spanish E-coli cucumber as the booby prize!

Thanks go to Peter and Jess for their time devoted to making sure we (eventually) got a good event!

by Mariko Whyte