Tewkesbury Shield 2011

This year’s Tewkesbury Shield saw the test piece being a touch of 360 Grandsire Caters. Their comments on each team were as follows:

Team 1 (Hereford Diocesan Guild, peal speed 3h 20m): the ends of the changes were a little variable, with either bells in 8-9 stretching out or the tenor driving in. Small problems at the end of 13th and 15th leads. The little bells were rung well;

Team 2 (Derby Diocesan Association, peal speed 3h 35m): the slowest ringing of the day. Very strongly controlled piece of ringing with a good beat set by the tenor. Reverse rounds were untidy! Such small hesitations as there were caused little or no disruption;

Team 3 (Winchester and Portsmouth DG, peal speed 3h 19m): a more positive pace, but with a shaky start. Best ringing of the piece came in the middle section, apart from the musical half-way course end;

Team 4 (University of London, peal speed 3h 23m): recovered nerves and completed test piece after a catastrophic practice. Tenor a little sluggish. Accrued faults throughout;

Team 5 (Oxford Society, peal speed 3h 34m): another steady paced piece. Like the curate’s egg, excellent but only in parts. Possibly a method mistake at the start of the 16th lead. The leading was a little inconsistent;

Team 6 (Worcestershire & Districts, peal speed 3h 30m): a piece with an uncertain rhythm. Some bells trying to push it along, others holding back. Consistent accrual of faults. Two emergency sirens during this piece and the birds in our garden certainly seemed to sing loudly!

Team 7 (Oxford Diocesan Guild, peal speed 3h 25m): a piece that failed to fulfil its initial promise, although rung at a confident pace. Small error at the beginning of the 15th lead;

Team 8 (Bath & Wells, peal speed 3h 32m): another piece with an uncertain pace that never fully settled. Unfortunately, many of the faults were accumulated by two bells;

Team 9 (Gloucester and Bristol, peal speed 3h 17m): the fastest ringing of the day. Brisk and confident, a band with a common purpose. There were however minor inconsistencies throughout. Enjoyable nonetheless. The results were:

1st Derby DA (66 faults)
2nd Gloucester &Bristol (76 faults)
3rd Oxford Society (88 faults)
4th Oxford DG (103 faults)
5th Winchester and Portsmouth DG (110 faults)
6th Hereford DG (116 faults)
7th Bath & Wells (129 faults)
8th Worcestershire & Districts (148 faults)
9th University of London (174 faults)

Hmmmm springs to mind, Better luck next year!!!!!

By Peter Jasper