Treasure Hunt 2021

Bank Holiday Monday 31st May saw the UL running wildly around the City of London, trying to collect clues while avoiding capture by “The Hunters”. Yes, this was a Treasure Hunt with a twist – not satisfied just to spend the whole day in the pub, Peter and Bethan were prowling key landmarks and waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims.

The day took the format of five rounds, each within a different part of the City, with the goal of answering 10 trivia questions in a set amount of time. Memorable moments include peering through the window of a sandwich shop to find the price of Aromatic Crispy duck with extra ham, and trying to keep a straight face while answering “Who got his cock out at the end of Cock Lane?”

The Hunters, Peter and Bethan

The Sibleys were first to be captured, having been granted no leniency for Catriona’s pregnancy. More captures soon followed, and with bonus points available for UL-related photos (some teams taking more creative licence than others) the leader board was closely contested by the start of lunch.

Lunch was a relaxed affair in Ye Olde London. Fully charged with beer, the brave participants set out for the remaining two rounds.

The afternoon session started with a surprise capture of Peter by Ben, but this did nothing to slow the hunters’ enthusiasm, with Chris and Anne next to fall victim (being chased out-of-area by Peter.) The following (and final) round, Chris and Anne chose to relax, safe from capture in a pub, with the unsurprising consequence being unable to answer any of the trivia, and hence yours truly winning the dubious honour of writing the event report.

The day finished outside St Andrew’s Holborn, the site of a memorable Quarter Peal last Peal Weekend. The points were totted up, and the winners determined to be Rosemary and Martin, who won souvenir bells for their efforts. The day was rounded off with drinks at The Ship before the party made their way to Chinatown for a succulent Chinese meal at Wong Kei’s.

Well done to Rosemary and Martin for their winning score and thank you to Peter and Bethan for organising a memorable Treasure Hunt!