The Prince of Egypt

On the 24th of July 2021, the UL convened for a theatre trip organized by Anne. We arrived (sensibly we thought) at the pub just after opening time to discover the much-waylaid Jenny Willis had this time been struck down by the pingdemic. Nevertheless we forged ahead.

The play: The Prince of Egypt. The keen academic minds of the UL were able to dredge up the basic outlines of Exodus and follow along. Your chronicler made much fuss of the presence of horses so early in Egpytian history, but a quick visit to the internet confirms that in fact the invasion of the Hyksos had been 200 years prior. In any case, the songs were catchy, the wine was tasty, and the surprise tilting stage much admired.

Naturally the dry white wine had induced a powerful thirst and we retired back to the pub. The evening developed, as evenings sometimes do, and four of us found ourselves in the casino Til Late, where Josie earned back the days’ outgoings following a tip from a tall dark stranger to “always bet on 13 black”.