UL Quarter Peals 2015‏

Hi All,

I hope everyone’s had a great Christmas and looking forward to the New Year, this is just a quick message to let people know that I’m going to start organising some UL quarter peals in the new year, probably a Friday evening although this is not set in stone. The point in these quarter peals will be for people to ring things that they don’t usually get the opportunity to ring, either because we don’t have time on a Thursday or don’t have the number of bells to cater for at Hart St, so what I need you to do is send me an email with what you’d like to ring. This could be a method, number of bells, or whether you’d like to have a go at conducting, and I’ll try to organise something. I really need to hear from you so I know what people want to ring, so please do get in touch!

Happy holidays and see you all in the New Year,

Chris Rimmer