Winter Tour 2014

In the days leading up to the Winter Tour we had much discussion and dithering about potential floods in Oxford and what public transport would or would not be doing. Happily this didn’t hamper us, the UL were determined, and turned out in large numbers on time at the first tower, St Thomas – ran by Becca. This light 10 kept us on our toes with several experienced ringers amongst us being caught out round the front end! We managed several surprise major methods here and throughout the day with varying degrees of success… We also managed to ring Stedman and Gransire Caters at this tower.

Lincoln College was located back up the high street with the UL arriving in dribs and drabs as cash, coffee, sugar and coke were found en route to combat the early start. These bells felt like hard work and after a failed attempt at Cambridge we were told the locals usually rang a lot quicker than we had done. Problem rectified, some very nice eight spliced was scored! Jenny (tour organiser) managed some decent Grandsire Triples inside with help unrequired from Becca and after some had woken up, managed some Stedman. Tim H – whilst half asleep on the floor – helped keep the band right. Although it was rather disconcerting to have arms waving around knee height whilst ringing.

St Giles

* Most had come via pub and were therefore late!
* Church was a building site
* Some ladders to contend with
* Jenny rang Little Bob for first time (treble)


* Jenny was very organised!
* Unfortunately the pub didn’t seem to know what “Pre-booked” meant

2.30-3.30 Magdalen (10)

* We got lost on way – but the majority made it on time.
* Steep staircase
* Most people up tower looking at view
* Tim Holmes ran tower with point of umbrella!

4.00-5.00 Christ Church (12)

* Got ice-cream beforehand – lovely!
* UL rang Call Changes, Plain Hunt 11, Grandsire Cinques & Stedman Cinques

5.15-6.00 St Aldates (6)

* Across the road
* Jenny ran this tower
* Norwich Surprise Minor
* An attempt was made at “A Beer Bob” Minor
* Many people by now had given up and ‘got stuck’ in the pub

6.15-7.00 Carfax Tower (6)

* Ran by Mariko
* Very few of us left
* Heavy going six – hard work! Lots of jumping around


* We had to head home – but was presumely very good.

Our thanks go to Jenny Willis who organised a brilliant tour of Oxford!

By Jacqui Bale