Christmas Practice ’13

I’ve compiled a list of facts, mostly gleaned from other people seeing as I can’t seem to remember much (amnesia, but definitely not of the alcohol induced variety!).

  • Ryan ran the ringing by candlelight
  • ‘I can’t believe it’s not spliced’ sort of came round
  • There was singing of varying degrees of tunefulness from a carol sheet that Jacqui prepared
  • Handbell carols were attempted which were considerably more tuneful than the singing (apart from when the hands holding the bells were muddled up)
  • There was too much food
  • Me and Ryan spent a whole day making Christmas sausage rolls
  • Ben Meyer definitely spilled red wine but accounts vary. Ryan reckons it was all over the floor which Kate then rolled in, Sophie thinks he spilled it onto Kate and Asher, and Kate thinks Ben poured it on her
  • Emma Ridley became Capt Vom
  • Little Bob was not lost
  • There was a disco ball
  • Tim’s contribution was a bottle of cava, some cheese and a whole melon

By Becca Cullen