Pancake Party 2010

The PANCAKE PARTY this year was organised by HELLEN Richardson and saw a small, but faithful group of pancake partiers heading to Hellen’s place near KENTISH TOWN OVERGROUND station to cook, TOSS and eat huge amounts of pancakes to celebrate the start of LENT. From the photos I can find (as this was a very LATE REPORT, I am writing this in October 2011, I can’t remember much!), but I think that TOM, NICK (JONES and HARTLEY), JESS, JEN, PERT and the POODLE were there, there may have been more, but they were obviously more camera shy! There were certainly some NON-RINGERS (most of them VETS) there, but I doubt that we socialised much especially after Pert demonstrated how to make a pancake with a DIRT TOPPING out of soil, unfortunately a tradition that started at Lian’s Pancake Party in 2008 and is still yet to die a death! The more traditional toppings of BOLOGNAISE as well as the classic LEMON and SUGAR were enjoyed by everybody else along with copious amounts of BEER.

Because I have written such a short report on what was a fantastic event (sorry Hellen), I have given you a little wordsearch with the key words in capitals above to find. Words are written forwards, backwards, up, down and diagonally. If you finish it, you might even find the secret hidden message from the leftover letters!


By Peter Jasper