Freshers Pub Crawl 2015

Unfortunately due to multiple commitments being booked on the same day I arrived late to the pub crawl and of course caught up accordingly! Upon arrival the setting outside the particular pub (name currently unknown – could that be the gin?) was perfect as the Aldgate bells could be heard from across the road. Did Chloe plan this?!?! When entering the cute little pub nicely hidden away down a side street I distinctly remember having a deep discussion with Ellen and a local. They were exchanging facts about ringing, the war and a saying that involves something like a rope on your head? Either way, it appeared that Ellen had impressed the man by her extensive general knowledge and we were allowed to move on feeling very clever!

Dodging the multiple road works and following Chloe like school children we ended up at our final pub coincidentally named The Bell. Entering the pub we were greeted by a very lovely looking bartender who expressed an interest in bell ringing and how his dad was a ringer. It seems you are never very far from a ringer! Grabbing yet another gin and scurrying downstairs we were greeted by an adorable little games room where we would stay for the rest of the night. Multiple ringers slowly arrived from elsewhere across London and the group suddenly became quite big! Darts, table football and a pool table mixed with gin and beer was a great combination for everyone. Ed of course beat everyone at darts (even when I had a large head start!) before moving onto a game of Killers. A Sculptor, Environmentalist, A Bride, Shakespeare and other members named played Pool until we were knocked off the board slowly leaving a winner – I can’t even remember who won?! That surely means Chloe did the pub crawl right!

It was a great evening drinking with you all and thank you to Chloe for organising this year’s pub crawl!

By Emily Roderick