National 12 Bell Eliminators 2014

The day started with the majority of the band assembling for a pre competition breakfast in Smithfields market. It was a good hearty start to the day with much meat and was enjoyed by all apart from the much stressed manager who couldn’t understand why his pub was so busy. Breakfast was punctuated by Hills’ travel updates and asking has anyone heard from Tim?

We were drawn in the middle of the day but before lunch so not a bad draw for us! After a lot of UL faff ensued to a take a photo – in UL based clothing, we retreated to the pub headquarters to admire Mariko’s amazing cake and drink non alcoholic beverages.

Thankfully time passed away quickly and it was soon time to ring. We started the touch by sitting in a yoga style position to calm the nerves – I’m not too sure if it worked though… It was not the best we had rung the touch, but it was a good solid effort.

Following the ringing we partook in drinking Cava provided by the president and shouted abuse at the Southwark band as we walked back towards the pub – as they were on their way to ring. We were especially complimentary about Luke’s blue T-shirt!

The pub was exceptionally busy as both London eliminators were to receive results in the same pub. It was quite amusing to see such a large amount of ringers in such a small place! We ate each other (from Mariko’s cake) and enjoyed the drinking.

The results were delivered and at least we didn’t come last, however during all the commotion we might have lost (or had our bear napped) little bob, as he’s not been seen since.

Many bombs were purchased as one would expect and some people were quite worse for wear by 7pm. Somehow Ryan and Rachel managed to make it to closing and then get lost on their way to farr-rring-don.

Thanks to everyone that come along on the day to support the band and those who helped with ringing practices in the build-up. Perhaps we can enter again next year and try to improve on our result.

Katie Lane