London 12 Bell Competition Results

Hi all,

An absolutely massive thank-you to everyone who worked so hard yesterday to make the London 12 bell contest at Magnus such a success.

It was a brilliant day and that was due to a lot of people, who I won’t even try to name, as it would be an incredibly long list, doing a lot of hard work, much of it behind the scenes.

Huge congratulations to those who rang in the UL band, which came 5th, so in the top half of the bands and beating (among others) St Paul’s Cathedral and St Martin-in-the-Fields. And, also of course, well done to the Cumberlands who won the contest. Full results are as follows:

Position Rang Team Mark Speed
1 8th Society of Royal Cumberland Youths 81% 3h29
2 2nd St Michael’s Cornhill 80% 3h29
3 3rd Ancient Society of College Youths M 79% 3h26
4 1st Ancient Society of College Youths Q 77% 3h35
5 7th University of London Society of Change Ringers 68% 3h21
6 10th St Paul’s Cathedral 66% 3h28
7 5th St Martin-in-the-Fields 65% 3h20
8 6th South Croydon 63% 3h30
9 4th Southwark Cathedral 57% 3h24
10 9th Middlesex County Association & London Diocesan Guild 52% 3h25

Katie Town