AGM Nominations

Dear all,

A reminder that the ULSCR AGM is happening this Saturday 11th May at 1pm in the Hart St Church Hall and send any apologies to me please. As nominations for committee positions are now closed, here is a list of those received …

Position Candidate Proposer Seconder
President Rupert Littlewood Andrew Hills Rosemary Hill
Vice Presidents Jacqui Bale Ryan Noble Chris Rimmer
  Katie Lane Mike Trimm Ryan Noble
Master Ryan Noble Andrew Hills Chris Rimmer
Treasurer Chris Rimmer Rebecca Cullen Helen Herriott
OCMs David Phillips Ben Meyer Ben Barnes
Ben Barnes David Phillips Rebecca Cullen

As you can see, we are missing a couple of positions, notably the fabulous job of Secretary! It isn’t difficult and you would be supported by the committee. OCM is a great way of getting more involved without so much responsibility. So please consider them! We will be taking nominations from the floor at the meeting.

Minutes from the AuGM and the agenda for AGM to follow soon …

Thanks, Becca