Party in the Park – Last Night of the Proms 2011

Photo thanks to: Jenny Willis

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On Saturday 10th September the UL arrived at Hyde Park, fresh from the Summer tour, even Tom still had his Lemoncello. The first challenge of the evening was to find everyone, and with 44,000 people expected this proved a challenge. That was until Peter pulled out his ULSCR flag that was easily identified amongst the sea of union jacks.

It wasn’t long before we were all drinking pimms (thanks to Mariko), some of us more than others, as Jenny had only just recovered from her night of tequila in Nottingham. Kerry had brought some face paint, sadly our artistic skills weren’t that great so we only managed a St George’s cross on our faces not the UL flag, but it was a beautiful St George’s flag.

The performances included the Overtones, Catherine Jenkins, Lang Lang and Russel Watson who were all amazing. However the highlight of the evening was definitely the legend that is Rolf Harris! His rendition of Rule Britannia to the tune of Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport was awesome although the UL had their own version involving Mike Trimm.

The night, of course, ended with the live feed from the Royal Albert Hall. Thankfully there was a microphone malfunction during the conductor’s speech but everything was all up and running for the music so there was plenty of singing, bobbing, and flag waving. The night finished at 11 and we all packed up and left with the stampede, some heading to party at The C. Overall, it was a really good evening and we should definitely go next year.

by Sophie Middleton