Pancake Party 2011

The UL Pancake Party saw a small, but select group of UL stalwarts ensuring that all supplies of fatty foods and other items that need to be given up for Lent were used up in the traditional manner before the annual fast until Easter started (or, for the slightly less religious, a good excuse to eat pancakes and drink heavily!). The batter was provided by Rupert and Jenny with the vast majority of the cooking completed expertly by Rupert who is obviously very well practised at tossing.

As well as the traditional lemon and sugar topping for the pancakes, there were huge numbers of mini sausage rolls, crisps and ice cream (the latter of these doesn’t work brilliantly on paper plates in a warm room, but was rather a lot of fun nonetheless)! Other pancake fillings included bolognaise and cheese, as well as nutella, sliced mangos and most popular of all must be LL’s genius contribution of condensed milk and chocolate stars, possibly the sweetest pancake topping in the world…ever and surely from this year forth, a regular UL pancake topping!

Fortunately, there was no repeat of the infamous “Dirt Pancake” this year although that may have been more to do with the fact that Rupert’s boss came along to the party as well (don’t worry, the usual “battlelines” were drawn up with ringers and non-ringers sitting on opposite sides of the room (with the UL nearest the food) and neither side interacting too much with the other)!

I believe there were plans to use a Paella Pan to flip the UL’s largest ever pancake, but I think Jenny, quite sensibly, put her foot down on the inevitable mess this would have caused. The Pancake Party also gave a chance for us all to say goodbye to Laura for whom this was her last UL event before jetting off to the Solomon Islands for “work” in the South Pacific.

A huge thank you is due to both Rupert and Jenny for organising an excellent party where the only major destruction to their property was a row of coat hooks being knocked off the wall, wedging itself against the front door in the process and keeping Rupert out of his own house temporarily! I look forward to Pancake Party 2012!!!

By Peter Jasper