Freshers’ Pub Crawl 2008

The pub crawl this year was organised by Gee, and started out in Doggett’s Coat and Badge, where both the other Helen and I discovered the wonders of Früli strawberry beer in all its tastiness. The crispy congealed fat went down well too, for most of us. Most of the party turned up here, and after a few bevvies we moved on to The Founder’s Arms.

After one more drink JP had to leave for a special dinner with Clara’s parents, which he could not be late for. The rest of us continued with the merrymaking and alcohol consuming, and carried on to The Anchor. Due to the crowded pub we had to sit outside and try to find warmth from the heater which proved more difficult than it should have been. By the time the on switch was found most of us had given up already, and the amount of heat provided wasn’t really worth the effort. By this time I already had my beer jacket on, so stayed reasonably warm.

After The Anchor, we moved on to The Old Thameside Inn. We sat outside again despite the cold – High 5 to convertible mittens! Over the course of the evening certain bets were made, and I think Heather was the winner. The nature of the bets is best left unsaid. The next stop was The Globe, which I was told was the set for part of the Bridget Jones movie, where she fell out of a taxi. It also had an epic queue for the loo. We were supposed to be moving on to The Market Porter after The Globe but it was too crowded so we moved straight on to The Mudlark. The outdoor heater here was much better, and the mulled cider was tasty and warming. There was a huge rain shower not long after we arrived, which we only just escaped.

After The Mudlark we were supposed to finish the evening in Underworld on Camden High Street, but whilst we were in the queue it was decided that we’d all just go back to Gee’s flat and have a house party instead. So, after purchasing some maybe, slightly illicit alcohol we all bussed it back to Gee and Ella’s (Gee’s flatmate, poor soul). Bradford turned up later with a friend. After partying hard to Gee’s music collection, which any woman would be proud of, the other Helen had to be carried to a spare room when she passed out on his bed. After making sure she was still alive and had a bucket available just in case, the party continued. Most people left at about 4.30, after a fun filled evening. Gee and Bradford managed to have a very manly wrestling match on Gee’s bed at one point, anyone who hasn’t already should check it out on Dyer’s facebook. Overall it was a very enjoyable event, with excessive alcohol and much frivolity!

By Hellen Richardson