Southern Universities Association Weekend 24th-26th Oct 2008

I am being forced to write this whilst sitting in the Marisco Tavern as I have been avoiding writing this due to alcohol erasing most of the weekend from my memory.

ADD: Alcoholic Drinks Drunk
MOOS’AW: Members of other societies acquainted with

Day 1

We arrived in typical UL style in time for the pub not the ringing. In the pub we met members of other societies and I began to forge relations with other societies starting with the OUS. Eventually (having got lost on the way) we made it to the Church Hall where more drink was had before a game of football with a pumpkin. Then some of us attempted to sleep despite the loudest snoring I have ever heard.

ADD: approx. 10, MOOS’AW: 1

Day 2

I have been told I rang in 2 striking competitions. We didn’t win either unfortunately. We drank a lot then had a ceilidh where we danced around a passed out Alan Reading. Afterwards I went to The Hobbit and began to complete the Fellowship (drink all 5 cocktails served in pint glasses) before going back to the hall to find Alan Reading up and drinking gin straight. Eventually I passed out.

ADD: approx. too high to remember, MOOS’AW: 4

Day 3

We went to a quality Southampton Wetherspoon’s with of course quality food. Then wandered back to the station via Primark, WHSmiths and Zavvi. Once back in London we rang hand bells at Hart Street and went to Bart’s.

ADD: again too many, MOOS’AW: 0

It was a good weekend full of wastage and general fun. Thanks to the Southampton University Guild for organising it.

Total ADD: enough to destroy my liver, MOOS’AW: 5

Lizzie Stokoe

P.S. On day 2 we attempted a hand bell quarter unsuccessfully and had a human knot.