Picnic 2007

After a slightly higher turnout than normal for a “Hart St Sunday” the picnicers repaired to the Liberty Bounds for breakfast. Meanwhile our dedicated party planners Josie, Hugh and Ana visited Sainsbury’s. Suitably refreshed (well about as good as you’d get from ‘Spoons) a convoy departed by tube and headed for Hampstead Heath. The only absentee at this point was Jen who couldn’t resist the promise of ice cream after the Hart St morning service.

The party set up camp near the Hampstead Heath Lido. The food section of the picnic followed promptly, the highlight of which revolved around Mr Spalding’s attempt to give everyone Salmonella. After opening the pot of chicken bits that he’d chosen, Hugh passed them around with several people sampling the product. Once the tub reached Rupert he commented that they were not to his liking and seemed almost as if they hadn’t been cooked properly. On closer inspection of the packaging it was revealed that the cooking instructions were on the reverse! The weather did take our revenge for us though as every time Hugh unpacked his kite the wind would drop.

This year’s sports events began with an exciting game of football played by Rupert, Andy and Olly over the heads of the main group. The climax of the entertainment in this match was the instituting of double points for hitting your partner! The customary rounders match followed with Rupert’s team beating Andy’s, 10 rounders to 6. As Rupert, Josie, Ana, Andy and Nick Jones went to explore the Lido (and try to catch their death of cold) I packed up my things and headed west. No doubt this was followed by some post-picnic pub-based beer-type fun, whilst I sat with my buffet car beer on the train, contented with a fun day out and the usual sense of melancholy that leaving the UL always brings.

By Sean Langton