University of London Society of Change Ringers


Ringing World - ULSCR editionThe University of London Society of Change Ringers was founded just after the end of WWII with the objectives being the promotion of the art & science of change ringing in the University of London & ringing for church services.

ULSCR welcomes all ringing abilities and our active social calendar includes: a wide range of tours, treasure hunts, picnics, handbells, competitions (including the Southern Universities Association weekend), peal/quarter weekends, theatre trips, concerts, parties, dinners, Ringing World infiltration and lots more!

14/07/2007: Day Trip to Suffolk Saturday, 14th July 2007
My first outing with the UL started at a ridiculous time in the morning on Saturday 14th July, when the first navigational challenge for some of us was actually finding…
17/06/2007: Picnic 2007
After a slightly higher turnout than normal for a “Hart St Sunday” the picnicers repaired to the Liberty Bounds for breakfast. Meanwhile our dedicated party planners Josie, Hugh and Ana…
15/06/2007: Treasure Hunt 2007
Our day of treasure hunting started in the Lord Moon of the Mall, the pub thinking they’d hit pay dirt with a full pub by eleven am but it was…