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University in London this September? Congratulations!! Why don’t you try bell ringing?

First Practice of term…


Why Bell Ringing? Ringing is great fun! There are about 40,000 bellringers in the UK, and 40,000 people can’t be wrong! With that many ringers, it’s a great hobby socially too. No matter where you go in the UK, you’re never far from a tower with bells and a band of ringers who will welcome you – including the pub afterwards (the ULSCR is very good at this)!

Join the ULSCRThe University of London Society of Change Ringers (ULSCR) ring at:

redMarkerSt Olaves, Hart St. (near Tower Hill tube station), 8 bells, 11-3-23.

Practice night is on Thursdays, 19:00-20:30 (term time) – 18:30 for handbells and is followed closely by drinking at a nearby pub!

Service ringing is every 1st & 3rd Sunday throughout the year (10:15-11:00) followed by breakfast…but we also ring elsewhere on Sundays.

Membership is open to all past/present members & employees of any institution or college in London whether you ring already or would like to learn.

Recent Posts, News & Updates

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Ringing World - ULSCR editionThe University of London Society of Change Ringers was founded just after the end of WWII with the objectives being the promotion of the art & science of change ringing in the University of London & ringing for church services.

ULSCR welcomes all ringing abilities and our active social calendar includes: a wide range of tours, treasure hunts, picnics, handbells, competitions (including the Southern Universities Association weekend), peal/quarter weekends, theatre trips, concerts, parties, dinners, Ringing World infiltration and lots more!

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