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“…providing students with more socials & ringing than you can shake a stick at since 1945…”

ULSCR Fact File


We ring at St Olaves, Hart St. (near Tower Hill tube station) and practice on Thursdays 1900-2030 (term time) – 6.30pm for handbells, followed closely by drinking at a nearby pub!

Service ringing is every 1st & 3rd Sunday throughout the year (1015-1100) followed by breakfast.

Membership is open to all past/present members & employees of any institution or college in London whether you ring already or would like to learn.

We welcome all ringing abilities and our active social calendar includes: a wide range of tours, treasure hunts, picnics, handbells, competitions (including the Southern Universities Association weekend), peal/quarter weekends, theatre trips, concerts, parties, dinners, Ringing World infiltration and lots more!

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    Inventory of Jenny’s Living Room -A record of the ULSCR pancake party 17/02/15 Green carpet & carpeted skirting boards¹.  Large windows with cream curtains that hang to just below waist…