Pancake Tuesday 2017

Shrove Tuesday this year saw the UL pancake party hosted by Bex at her amazing flat at St Thomas’ Hospital. After finding our way through the distinctively hospital-smelling lower floors, we were greeted by a panorama of the Houses of Parliament in twilight, with Big Ben chiming the hour.

The sound of the bells was soon replaced by a playlist of ’90s classics, as the smell of pancakes filled the flat. Many sweet and savoury pancakes were consumed, including a few experimental ones made with chocolate milk, and some attempts at pancake ‘art’.

Unlike last year the black pudding did not make an appearance, but there was evidence of pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, chocolate truffles and chorizo, in addition to the usual toppings. Some people were making the most of the last night before their lent fast, respectively of cheese, sarcasm or profanity.

Many thanks to Bex for hosting.

Tom Nagel