New Year’s Eve 2016-17

A small group of UL members and friends waved a fond farewell to 2016, and welcomed in the new year with bubbles, bells and board games at Chez Luke & Chloe (minus Luke). The contingent was a select few (those who had not the foresight to make snazzier or jazzier plans in advance) but all who came were welcomed with open arms and heart. Laughing did occur, and many, oh so many, carbolicious snacks were enjoyed courtesy of Katie.

Many rounds of Empires were played, as was a heated round or two of Articulate. We were also joined by one muggle, bizarrely known as Greyhound, who rolled up his sleeves and dove right in, immersing himself so easily into the campanological setting, he might’ve fooled even you. We took the tube, for free! And train bubbles were enjoyed en route to Bow, where we did some, err, arguably dangerous (and terrible) ringing, braless and boxless, followed by the most frustrating game(s) of 21 I have ever played in my life. Oh yes, and of course, we saw fireworks – only the literal kind, of course.

By Chloe Grimmett