Picnic 2014 – Brockwell park

Brockwell Hall, a delightful grade II listed building, stands proudly in the heart of Brockwell park. It was at the steps to this grand building on a warm summer afternoon where I was asked by a passer by clad in tracksuit bottom and hood as to whether I had a fag. I shook my head with an unintentional note of disgust & clearly he found this objectionable as he proceeded to name me as such… clearly he had an eye for detail. Such is life in South London.

It was on this sunny June afternoon that the park was host to a rather different clientele, the ULSCR. As is often the case with these events, there tends to be a rather over exuberant purchasing of food and drink beforehand, with somewhat less attention on plates, cutlery and cups. Fortunately we do have at least one organised member of the party who as far as I can remember brings these all-important items every time we have a picnic.

Neither the food nor the company was, however, the highlight of the day. Our President who was rather unceremoniously dumped on by a bird twice, in quick succession, must take this spot. He then proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon running around Herne Hill looking for a shop to buy a spare T-Shirt, sadly without any luck.

All in all an enjoyable and relaxing day, and I very much look forward to the next one.

By Chris Rimmer