Fresher’s Reception 2013

freshersReceptionThe Fresher’s Reception trumped the Fresher’s tour in that all three new members did manage to make it to the event. Preceded by a practice at Hart Street (where the normal combination of Surprise Major and Stedman was attempted) the gathered masses ventured to the upstairs area of the Cheshire Cheese for drinking and nacho consumption. I also remember mini burgers and chicken being present which are both good signs of an evening well spent. A good turnout was made with photos from the event showing roughly 25 people arrived for at least a drink.

All three freshers managed to convince the society of their lack of exciting drive from the off with all leaving to go to bed before the pub even closed. The customary move to the Liberty Bounds was made when the Cheshire Cheese closed its doors where I am reliably informed that Ben Barnes threw up. At least something exciting happened even if it wasn’t a Fresher!