Treasure Hunt 2013

In 2013 the London Underground celebrated its 150th birthday, so the treasure hunt was organised around “any stations in zone 1 and 2” by Heather and Ben. After a good spoons breakfast in Shakespeare’s Head, teams were sorted and the questions issued! The race was on … could we manage to visit every station and answer the questions associated with that station?

Our team decided to spend longer in the pub than most, no not getting the first beers of the day in, but carefully working out a route that would hopefully encompass all stations and checking if it may be quicker to walk some stretches. Eventually we eagerly set off westwards on the Central Line, then south to Kensington way … now it was here that we are sure we saw only 2 members of the eventual winning team on the train as we departed, had we been quicker we would have tried for photographic evidence, but for once the circle line was too quick. One of the more challenging questions was at Knightsbridge with reference to the Harrods window display, now as Heather’s place of work we assumed there couldn’t be anything amiss, but it later transpired the window display’s had been changed overnight!

Questions were not just evidence based, some were photograph based, the Blackfriars bridge photo opportunity in front of the 150 statue or the Tardis at Earls Curt station. The tardis would have been useful as a method of transport, as it was taking us far too long to get around. The most challenging was to take the view of Aldgate Station as you past on the Hammersmith and City Line … with only a few seconds in which to take this photo and panics about whether you have the settings correct or not (would it not have been easier to bring my little automatic camera Quentin? Apparently not).

The usual circle line delays and a little longer than hoped to find some of the clues, meant our route had to be cut short and race to the Doric Arch at Euston to submit our answers on time. After a day of charging round we very grateful for the rather excellent selection of ciders on offer that greeted us, with the added bonus of an equally good line up of ales in the other side. With the results all decided and various accusations of cheating settled we headed off to an “eat all you want” Chinese in Angel (another tube journey!) where we joined non-treasure hunters to celebrate Rupert’s birthday. Skipping lunch (so we could answer more questions) followed by some rather strong cider led to a slightly tipsy affair and possible over eating, but fully sated we moved on to the Snooker Club at King’s Cross where Rupert had reserved some tables and a pool tournament ensued. I would like to report on who won and games here, but due to aforementioned cider, and now some beer my memory of the events is a little hazy.

Lastly many thanks to Heather and Ben for organising a lovely (even if exhausting day) and for Rupert in sorting the evening’s dinner and Pool competition.

Clara Jackson

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