Practices and Service ringing: New Master

Hello All,

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for electing me as Master, I hope I can do a good job. Here are some bits and pieces of info about UL practices and service ringing.

UL Practices

Thursdays will remain as UL practice night, and the location, time and bells will also remain the same (at Hart Street from 7 to 8.30pm). It will be preceded by a Handbell practice which begins at 6.30pm. The Past Master will continue to run the handbell practice.

There will be occasional “out of Hart Street” practices, which will aim to give people a go at ringing on different numbers of bells.

Grandsire, Stedman, Plain Bob and Surprise Minor/Major (Standard 8) will be on the menu, as always.

On a separate note, for those interested in ringing Surprise Major, I would like to continue working towards the Nottingham 8… These are Bristol, Cambridge, Cassiobury, Cornwall, Glasgow, Lessness, London and Superlative. We have already rung most of these methods at practices, but not recently. Please make the effort to learn the ones you don’t know (properly so we can ring them in spliced).


I know a lot of people have split opinions on what pub to go to after practices, there are some good pubs around Hart Street, all of them have their benefits. To keep everyone happy, we will rotate the pubs we go to, they will probably include The Crutched Friar, The Windsor (Beer cards and Curly Fries), The Minories (Cheap bottles of wine on Thursdays) and The Liberty Bounds (for general cheapness) – other suggestions always welcome.

Hart St Sunday Service Ringing

For those who aren’t aware, this happens on 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month beginning at 10.15, for the 11am service. The main aims for Service ringing will be that we shall ring what we can ring well, so that it sounds good! I know it’s difficult to drag yourself out of bed, but it is only 2 Sundays a month and we ought to be able to ring all 8 bells for these services. It would be great to see lots of people turn up! Breakfast as normal at The Liberty Bounds afterwards.

Dates for the next month or so…

24/5: Extra Service Ringing at Hart Street for Pepys Commemoration 12 noon – Let Becca know if you can make it as she is continuing organising for this event. There are only 5/6 names down, but it would be good if we can ring all 8 as the Lord Mayor is in attendance.

6/6: Official last practice of term – Followed by a good pub session – there may be other practices organised depending on who’s around!

8/6: UL Treasure Hunt – Organised by Ben and Heather

9/6: UL Picnic – 1pm – Regent’s Park – more details nearer the time

Sorry for the slightly long email, thanks for reading to the end, in the future I hope to keep emails much shorter!


Ryan Noble

ULSCR Masters – Falling over fences on AGM day since 1945