Freshers’ Pub Crawl 2012

The evening started with a meal at the Hare and Tortoise. This was poorly attended by UL members, with only 3 attending (one a fresher) out of the 5 present in total. After a pleasant meal we moved to the Hoop and Grapes, where more members were present. The clientèle at this establishment mainly consisted of an assortment of devils and witches. Deciding, surprisingly, that the UL shouldn’t be at their party, we moved on to the Punch Tavern.

Here, the members missing from the Hare and Tortoise were in luck, as they came across a spare bowl of popcorn. We also discovered that the Master, having just moved into the modern world, no longer knew how to use his phone.

At The Old Bell Helen Herriott and Heather Forster made some new friends just as we were trying to leave. This is fortunate, as the writer was unable to find the Cheshire Cheese, and, rescuing them from their predicament, found his way.

Having re-found the main party (who had hidden underground), Jenny, Robert (and Chris) reacquainted themselves with a bit (and only a bit) of tequila.

At this point some members who were absent from the Hare and Tortoise had a cheeky side-establishment visit to McDonalds.

The UL next colonised The Tipperary, filling the whole pub.

The George was the final pub of the evening for the writer, although evidence of more establishments/drunkenness (including visiting a young lady with eyes the colour of the sea) appeared later, with evidence of further hat swapping having occurred.

All in all, a standard UL evening out, although for some reason we’re still welcome in London.

Nix Ruberry / Robert Sworder