Treasure hunt 2012

This year the treasure hunt was enthusiastically organised by Jenny and Sophie. Nearly 2 months before the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games, the UL were able to show off their own sporting prowess with an Olympic themed day around London. Many people gathered early in the Crosse Keys for the traditional pre-treasure hunt ‘Spoons breakfast and having divided into teams and received our instructions we were off! My team consisted of myself, Jess and Robert… and we were playing to win! The difficulty of this treasure hunt lay in the requirement for a vast knowledge of foreign embassies in London and their locations… Along the way we counted animals, balloons and flags; discovered the price of speciality tequilas and performed many gymnastic feats. The highlight of our achievements was undoubtedly enacting the Olympic rings in St Pancras Station with the help of a passing policeman in a hi-vis vest! After an energetic day we reached the end pub on time only to discover that bonus points for photos of Olympic sports not featured in the questions could still be collected. Vigorous demonstrations of fencing, hurdles, volleyball, cycling, archery, basketball, boxing, football, triathlon and riding quickly followed using whatever props were to hand while the other teams watched in bemusement. The marking proceeded slowly with the effects of Jenny and Sophie’s day long internment in a pub becoming clear with the repeated remarks required. I think after about the 5th recount… and bonus points for our team for just being us… we may have won. But it was all a bit unclear by that point.

The takeaway lesson from the days activities was that the difference between embassies, consulates and high commissions can be ambiguous. And that an extra bottle of wine for the organisers, although generous of El Pres, is probably unnecessary and can be messy by that point in the evening.

Thanks to Sophie and Jenny for organising such an amazing day!!

Mariko Whyte