Joint ULSCR/OUS/RUSCR Reading Tour 2012

Reading started off at the train station with a very early (for the UL anyway) and some mild confusion… Mr Hills was on a train which the platform had not been announced! Had he got on a random train? Was he on his way to Scotland or Wales? Was he even in the right Station? Well he turned up in the end in his usual fashion.

The first tower was Caversham which was a light 8 (and we believe still is). Bristol and Stedman spliced was first introduced to the current UL members, it wasn’t even fired out first time which probably had something to do with the pubs not being open at the time.

Following a brisk walk and some sofa surfing we were ready to ring at St Lawrence… if only it was that easy – it only took 3 members of the UL to help the Reading local to actually get into the ringing room, however upon entry, exceptionally well run ringing allowed us to ring Stedman Cinques and Grandsire Cinques, and Yorkshire Maximus and Cambridge Maximus as well as the usual CC and plain hunt to an acceptable standard.

LUNCH… well where do I start? The Back of Beyond? (yes it is the pubs name) Beer, Food and the Ice Cream Sundays… enough said.
St Mary’s, a lovely 25cwt 8, saw the UL ring Bristol and Stedman again and a nice touch of Glasgow which even the ASCY master thought was “a good standard for the UL”.

After a quickie in the pub we went to the Reading University tower. The antics were very UL but the ringing was pub like. Enough said.

The CY master presented the UL Master a jagerbomb and pint (cause he claimed “it is rude not to get wasted in reading again”) which started the evening of more jagerbombs, pints, cocktails and champagne.

Ben ‘zilla’ Meyer
A.k.a. Benjamino, UL Hottie.
(proof read by Chris ‘The Rimmer’ Rimmer, Andrew ‘Hillsy Baby Darling’ Hills and Ryan ‘RyDog’ Noble)