Tewkesbury Shield 2010

A band of regular UL “Thursday Night” members including two freshers entered the 38th Annual Tewkesbury Shield competition. We had (unusually for us) a good draw when compared to the OUS (the only people we really wanted to beat!) who had not only been up since 5am to ring for May Morning, but had a late draw with a band of UL members happy to buy anyone in their band as much as they wanted to drink over lunch. However, despite our best efforts, we unfortunately gained an extra 5½ faults when compared to them and came 8th. We can only hope for better luck next year!

  • 1st Oxford Society 49½ faults
  • 2nd St Martin’s Guild 52 faults
  • 3rd Oxford Diocesan Guild 52½ faults
  • 4th Worcestershire & District Association 62½ faults
  • 5th Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association 81 faults
  • 6th Oxford University Society 125½ faults
  • 7th Hereford Diocesan Guild 130½ faults
  • 8th University of London Society 131 faults

By Peter Jasper