University of London Society of Change Ringers

Treasure Hunt 2009

The First Lady and the Treasure Hunt

The day of the treasure hunt, 13th of June
An early morning start in a Wetherspoon
The questions based around the river
An ideal chance for a UL dither
Amusing photos increase your score
And museum leaflets even more
Points for unusual drinks – where to go?
To buy team mate Lizzie a J2O?!

The grassing up began at the start of the day
No, I don’t mean the tardis and BNJ
But the poodles cheating, with Lian and Q
And Dave Hills spotted in an ivory canoe
Some teams to a hot air balloon were tied
Whilst others joined in the naked bike ride
A helicopter was used by ‘the randoms’ team
The rule breaking this year was just obscene

For extra points, in case of tie break
A photo on a boat each team had to take
And guess the lunch venue for the organising team
A place they thought they would never be seen
But they picked somewhere en route – foolish I know
And to make it easier sat by the window!

Back to the pub by 5 for a chance to win
And just enough time to get a round in
At least we didn’t get the wooden spoon
But on the podium for us there’s no room
Team members that came third won a duck
But my team came fourth, oh……
And the poodles team, up to old tricks
Won the first prize, it’s a fix, it’s a fix!

But our thanks go to the organisers, Hellen and Jen
The marks we give them – ten out of ten!

We raised £153.60 including Gift Aid with the placings of teams as follows:

1. Rude Dog and the Dweebs 224 points
2. The Squashed Tomatoes 189 pts
3. Team Otty 175 pts
4. The Randoms 174 pts
5. 5½ Hills 156 pts
6. A.P.A 124 pts

By Mary Cross