Lundy Tour 27th-2nd February/March 2009

The annual ULSCR weekend trip to Lundy was again a huge success this year with a record number of 37 members and friends attending. On the 27th February we met at Hartland Point to be transported onto the island by helicopter.

Sunshine, beautiful scenery and the occasional bit of ringing made for a very enjoyable weekend.

Highlights included the society’s first peal on the bells and a group trek to the lighthouse on the north point of the island where we spotted seals. While a number of quarter peal attempts were unsuccessful, four were scored in tower and hand. Notable achievements include Hellen Richardson’s first quarter and Laura Matheson’s first of surprise inside.

The evening’s entertainment was also not to be missed, with eight barrels of Old Light beer allegedly consumed over the weekend and Giant Jenga proving to be equally as popular. Lundy is a beautiful island with a fascinating history and unusual wildlife, and although the UL disturbed the tranquillity I had a great time! Many thanks go to Andy Bradford and Clare Dyer for organising such a successful weekend.

By Tessa Beadman