Trafalgar Square Christmas Handbells 2008

(…to the tune of “Ding Dong Merrily on High”)

Ding dong merrily down low
In the square the bells were ringing
And we hoped it didn’t snow,
While our handbells were singing!

‘Round the Christmas tree
We rang so merrily,
In Trafalgar Square
Many heard us there
For St Katharine Cree we rang those rounds
And raised seventy pounds!

Standing under a dark sky,
With pegs to hold the music
Other ringers standing by,
To make sure we didn’t lose it!

But t’was not to be
Tho’ we tried desperately
We kept the tune so strong
We did not lose the song
And continued with our carolling
Despite the lack of music!

Music flew around the square,
(the paper, while the bells sing)
All was fun and frolic there
(except for Jones’ dancing…)

So the bells were done
Our slot was only one
Hour but in that hour
We filled Trafalgar Square
With our carolling a wondr’us thing
So Merry Christmas ringers!

By Jess Glaisher