Picnic 2008

(…to the tune of “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”)

If you went down to Hyde Park that day
You’d better have brought some bread,
If you went down to Hyde Park that day,
Or had some good beer instead,
For drinks and games they soon would commence,
A sunny day! And so, it was hence,
That was the day the ringers all had their picnic!

Swimming in the Serpentine,
Feeling exposed
And having photos taken in the slime

Playing games and climbing trees,
And drinking Pimms
And eating quite a lot of strawberries

Eggs and Spoons and jollity
And then some rowing
And some sitting in the sun

At 5 o’clock they went to ring quarters,
(and then on to the pub)
And that’s the end of the picnic day!

By Jess Glaisher