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The ULSCR website has taken on many forms and styles over the years – the below images demonstrate few key changes that stood out (2004 onwards). Key recent additions, apart from the obvious layout/design, are the galleries, history, FAQs, upcoming events (& content management system), event reports, tower locations, library, dictionary and blog.


The website has now gone totally WordPress (2012)!!!


This means we now have a content management system which makes it easier for other members to edit certain sections of the website if they wish and ensures the site will be easier to update for the years & my successors to come. The Search Engine Optimisation features of WordPress made our site so successful recently that if you searched for “London university society”, the UL site ranked in the top 3 search results. Having user-friendly URLs makes it easier for visitors to navigate our site. Allegedly, a while ago there was a search for “…never drinking again” – in which we ranked 3rd in Google’s search results…!

Website purpose: The website is for the benefit of current students to update their calendars, view photos, catch up on the blog, refer to the constitution(!) and for new members to get an idea of what we are about. As always, comments, additions & suggestions are very welcome. If you see something that is missing, out-of-date, wrong… anything else you can think of, then please email the webmaster.