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2022 Treasure Hunt

The 2022 ULSCR Treasure Hunt took place on Saturday 28th May and the day was split in to three separate sections to be completed in a set amount of time. Despite COVID hitting part of the organising team, the hunt started at approximately 1015am at Trafalgar Square after everyone participating had been split in to […]

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Treasure Hunt 2021

Bank Holiday Monday 31st May saw the UL running wildly around the City of London, trying to collect clues while avoiding capture by “The Hunters”. Yes, this was a Treasure Hunt with a twist – not satisfied just to spend the whole day in the pub, Peter and Bethan were prowling key landmarks and waiting

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Treasure Hunt 2016

Another year, another treasure hunt – this time with an unprecedentedly cultural theme (unfamiliar territory for the UL…) That’s right – this year saw teams of keen-minded bellringers spreading out across central (and greater) London in quest of clues in an impressive range of museums. The treasure hunt pack had the potential to lead us

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