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Publicity: ULFreshersFair15_3We are trying to maximise our recruitment efforts!

We want to make sure that as many students as possible get the chance to stay involved with ringing or start learning from scratch.

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leafletImgPlease download the following posters & leaflets and display in your universities & student unions!

Leaflet & Sign Up Sheet

ULSCR Leaflet! (see right)
ULSCR Sign Up Sheet!
Membership Form: PDF / Word


Ring The Changes
ULSCR Cartoons
Improve Your Pulling Power!
ULSCR Cloud (below)

Demonstration Methods

Plain Bob Doubles & Yorkshire Surprise Major


How to order a Mug

  1. Price: £5 each plus postage!
  2. Download the ULSCR logo from this site onto your computer.
  3. Visit - Design Your Own Personalised Mug
  4. Upload the logo onto the mug.
  5. Select "print position" and choose either "font and back" or "full wrap" for different effects.
  6. Select "print layout" to experiment with different layouts & add text as required.
  7. Register as a customer of the site & place your order...


Ps: can follow the same procedure for other items on the site as well... have fun!