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Event Reports

If you are invited to write an Event Report then once you have written it, please send it to the Master ( and the Webmaster ( for proof-reading and uploading. Please include any photos that need to be associated with your report (with photo owners) or a link(s) to any relevant photos on Facebook. Thank you!

Master: Rachel Deakin 2018-19: missing & upcoming

  • Freshers tour – Laura Martin and Adam Gibson
  • London 12 Bell – Harriet Armitage
  • UL dinner – Peter Jasper
  • Roger Bailey Day – Chris Lewis-Brown
  • Peal weekend – Richard Humphries
10/11/2018: SUA 2018
To Southampton I went for SUA No one else was going, so overnight I did not stay I rang in…
31/08/2018: Summer tour 2018
Summer tour began for me at Heathrow Airport, where I picked up Kate and Tom. The the first half of…